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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Everything is a Remix

Kirby Ferguson is awesome. If you share any of my interests (art, media, software, music, patent/copyright law, the Web), you need to see his stuff. (I'm fascinated by Remix Culture. If you like art/music/movies/tv, you should be paying attention to it, too.)

 Here's the very shortest version of his thesis I've seen...his TED talk. It's fine, but nowhere near as good as watching all four parts of Everything is a Remix (see below). I suggest skipping this video and moving straight on to those....and maybe coming back to this later.

Dad- Note the stuff about multi-touch starting at about 5m30s:

Everything is a Remix in four parts:

Everything is a Remix, Part 1: (Transcript)

Everything is a Remix, Part 2: (Transcript)  

 Everything is a Remix, Part 3: (Transcript)  

Everything is a Remix (Part 3.5....sorta'): The Matrix  

Everything is a Remix, Part 4: (Transcript)