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Monday, August 20, 2012

Music I've Been Listening To Lately

I HATE the band Fun.

But I love this cover. Julia's vocals on the first bridge are really nice.

The band is Walk Off the Earth, best known for their cover of "Somebody I Used to Know" played by five people on one guitar. That's fun to watch once or twice.

I don't care for Maroon5 at all, but I really enjoy this cover (NSFW:)

Remember that Ani DiFranco lyric:

people used to make recordsas in a record of an eventthe event of peopleplaying music in a roomnow everything is cross-marketingit's about sunglasses and shoesor guns or drugsyou choose

Well....isn't that what the items above are? This, too:

Here are the Overtones covering Cee Lo's "Fuck You."

Love it.

I also enjoy that YouTube is filled with musicians who have a great time recording/posting their OWN arrangement/performance of a piece. Sometimes remix culture produces stuff like this:

I enjoy the way Pomplamoose records their stuff. Anything you hear, you get to see how that sound was made.

I love unlikely House of Pain mixed with Klezmer:

I think Todrick's flashmob-style public performances show tremendous talent and are a lot of fun:

That last one guest stars Pentatonix...who do some of the best a capella arrangements I've heard in a long time.

That's an amazing arrangement....and the performance is nearly flawless.

First heard East of Underground on NPR in a story about ARMY-produced music.

I like most of Baba Brinkman's stuff a lot:

And as long as we're talking nerdcore, here's Spose doing "I'm Awesome"

I love KO and Antoinette has quite a voice. This track would be great if the lyrics weren't such crap:

More KO:

KO look familar? That's because he beatboxes for Pentatonix.

More later.

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