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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Attention Jews: Centuries of Inbreeding = BAD (MAPLE SYRUP URINE DISEASE?!)

Note the genetic abnormalities common enough among Ashkenazim that they need to be tested for.


Andrew said...

Exogamy FTW!

Anonymous said...

it's not like it was exactly by choice - ever heard of the pale of settlement? (look it up)! it pretty much forced jews to live in ghettos for hundreds of years in specifically allotted areas of europe. so basically... yeah, we may be inbred freaks, but it was kind of inevitable, as we're not quite the most popular group of people in the world :P

David said...


Of course you're right- but even today, countless Jews will not intermarry.

If you want to believe that this is entirely a product of the persecution of Jews, please continue to believe this. My own belief is that there is an element in this of Jewish racism.