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Friday, April 11, 2008

Unnecessary Censorship

Why is this funny?

I mean...I'm laughing, but not sure why.


Lisa said...

It made me laugh too, but I could only stand a minute and a half before my my volcanic hatred of motherf@$#ing Barney boiled my blood and made my eyes explode. How am I supposed to do my job blind, I ask you?

It reaffirms my conviction that when we have children we will need to destroy our television set (or at least block all modern children's programming from view).

David said...

Oh, there's good TV for kids too. The CTW still does good work and I've been racking up Animanics and Tiny Toonsfor when our child is old enough. :)

Jamie said...

The last time we watched John, I put Ren and Stimpy on. And don't forget The Muppet Show.