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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Notes on Recent Television

  • Sure, Grey's Anatomy is nowhere near as good as in its first season, but it still doesn't suck anywhere near as badly as Private Practice. I'll still watch Grey's Anatomy, but I'm done with Private Practice. How does a show with such a good cast suck this much?

  • Speaking of medical dramas, I'm completely amazed that ER still doesn't suck.

  • Life is so-so, but interesting enough to keep watching for now.

  • Journeyman started out poorly but is actually improving with each episode and stays in our PVR for now.

  • Bionic Woman needs a better show title, better sound design (they even recylced that sound effect!) and better scripts- but at least the star is somewhat appealing. Teeters between suckage and decency, but I'll keep watching and hoping it moves away from suckage.

  • Heroes is weaker this season and I'm pretty sure Kensai is the one killing the older generation, but it is still one of the most entertaining hours on television. It is incredible to me that a show can rip off Marvel comics this much and not be sued, but at least they do it better than Marvel does. I mean, did you see Ghost Rider or Daredevil? Also, I sort of enjoy the immersive online content for Heroes.

  • Back to You continues to amaze. How can such a good cast and proven formula fail so miserably?

How about you? What're you watching or hating?


Andrew said...

ER may not suck, but it's become downright boring. It may just be that they're completely out of ideas.

They should have killed it off with Dr. Mark Green.

Scrubs may just have jumped the shark. Bummer.

I'm enjoying Journeyman and Life a lot.

Bionic Woman is teetering on removal.

I'm bummed that neither Raines nor Studio 60 came back.

The NExt Iron Chef is good fun, but I can't see that most of the contestants were even worthy to challenge an Iron Chef, much less be one. I called Besh from the first episode, and I stand by that prediction.

David said...

Scrubs jumped the shark last year.

I miss Studio 60, too.