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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mencia still a thief

Remember this post?

Mencia is still a thieving hack. Here's proof of his stealing from Cosby.

In case you misssed he original post or the video was taken down, this is what I'm on about:


Andrew said...

Don't you think Comedy Central ought to be encouraged to stop airing the stolen material?

Here's what I wrote on their feedback page at :

Isn't far past time to get rid of Carlos Mencia, who repeatedly steals material from other comics?

You can watch a particularly egregious, although not atypical, example right here, where Mencia, in his Comedy Central special, "No Strings Attached," plagiarizes material from the legendary Bill Cosby:

There are plenty of fresh, original comics out there. Give them some air, instead of a plagiarist.

David said...

Even more important than his being a plagiarist: He's not funny.

Why doesn't Patton Oswalt get his own show?

Jake said...

Some good news for you and this cause. I've heard of most of the comics in these two films but had no clue who Carlos Mencia is. Aparently that is as it should be.