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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Minneapolis Vandalism

There's a huge advertisement in Minneapolis just off the U of MN campus for the "lovepower church," that I have always thought an eyesore- and it can be seen from 35W.

Just saw that the advertisement, which is supposed to say "LOVE POWER," has been vandalized in an amusing fashion with a single letter.

My favorite bit of vandalism, though, was in Syracuse.

The billboard originally said: "Grafitti is a Crime!" Some clever tagger spray-painted the word "FUN" between "a" and "crime," so it read for months as: "Grafitti is a FUN Crime!"


Jake said...

Beautiful, simple culture jamming. That thing has always been the worst part of Seven Corners.

Jamie said...

I dunno, I always thought it was amusing in a putrid sort of a way.