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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Python in Wisconsin

Got the weirdest email from on old friend from high school:

Ok I am sure someone will not believe me but this is so dam odd I have to share.

Since I have not yet stepped up to blogging you all get an email.

I went to Eau Claire WI this weekend to tear down my garage on my rental house (sorry to those I did not have time to let know I was in town so we could have a beer). The
garage was too close to the property line so the dam city would not let me repair the roof and back wall.

Apparently these things need to be brought up to code! It was a real nice large 2 stall garage with lots of storage. Sad to see it go. As we are empting the contents of said building before we flatten it my brother goes to grab a roll of carpet to toss in the
dumpster. What does he see coiled in the carpet??? A dam python!

It was two and a half feet long and just resting in the cool autumn weather before winter
brought its slow cold death. Well my brother grabbed the ax Paul Bunyan style and chopped it’s head off before anyone took a second to say “WTF grab that baby”. Apparently people pay big bucks for these legless strangling machines.

So either the range of pythons has expanded or someone is out a pricy pet. I will have to admit I know jack about snakes but after a quick look see on the ol’ www it seems to be this snake is probably a python of some flavor.

Just had to share the tale of strange,


I love Brad for using the term "legless strangling machine".

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