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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Scranton: More than a City

So, Liz and I drove through Scranton over the holiday weekend, and both wondered what sort of mean-spirited joke it was to give a city such an awful name.

If you had to guess, what would you think "Scranton" meant?

Is it:
  • A part of a person's body of which it is impolite to speak in public? ("S'cuse me, Earl, I have to wash my scranton!")
  • Scrap leftovers at a slaughterhouse? ("The best thing about hot dogs is that they are made of scranton!")
  • Parts of a fish that are not edible? ("Once you catch and clean the fish, you gotta' scrape out the scranton before ya' cook it!")
Just an awful name for a city.

Can we start a campaign for finding Scranton a better name and selling it to.... the voters of Scranton? (What do you call a person who lives in Scranton? A Scrantonian? Scrantonite? Scrantonio?)


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