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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here's how to handle a drunken chav

I liked this. Reminded me of recent discussions with Bree. An excerpt from near the end:

"Part of me wanted to say, “Poor little lad. What chance does he have in life? There are no jobs for stupid people any more. He’s got no future. He must have been brutalised at home. And the drink companies exploit kids like that, and fill them with cheap booze, and it’s not his fault he can’t handle it, poor wee baby.” But that’s not really what I think.

Really, I can’t buy into relativistic accounts of behaviour at all, despite a lifetime of Guardian reading. Plenty of people live in poverty, bad housing, are the victims of an education system which serves only to prepare people for life in a call centre. Plenty of people get pissed. My own mother was brutalised at home by her father in conditions of unthinkable squalor, and she didn’t take it out on anybody else.

What I really think is this: there is evil at work in the world. Some people are evil. That kid was evil. Not naughty, not misguided, or led astray. Evil."

Read the rest at TimesOnline.

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Andrew said...

So here I was, 25 years later, and the yoof was young and strong and fast and I was 46 and fat and slow.
So I pulled out my last weapon. My mobile phone.
Leave her alone,” I called after him. “I’m phoning the police if you don’t leave her alone.”

Sean poured us each a whisky, and I started to shake. What if he had had a knife?

See what happens when a government simultaneously produces criminals and deprives the law-abiding of the tools of self defense?