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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Library Humor: A biblioblogger visits the local branch library

This may be funny to you, even if you're not a librarian, if you stay on top of web buzz and all the Web 2.0 stuff. Steve Lawson rocks.

It is hilarious to me, but I'm a geeky librarian-in-training

In seriousness, though- Outgoing president of the American Library Association, Michael Gorman, has been criticized by many as being anti-technology and has even been accussed of pushing the profession towards a culture clash or generational struggle.

Information Technology has radically changed the world, and it isn't done transforming us yet. I.T. has taken apart the traditional structure of a library, and no-one has really figured out yet what NEW structure will work.

In the age of NetFlix and, libraries need to catch up (and catch up damn quick) if they wish to avoid going the way of the dinosaurs. It is an exciting time to be entering the world of librarianship, but it is likely to be a bumpy ride.

Michael Casey's comments are fairly representational of response to Gorman's remarks in the biblioblogosphere.

The article Casey writes about can be found here.

Techno-savvy Librarians weigh in on Gorman's luddite tendencies.

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