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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blummy and Co.mments: Bookmarklet Joy

These tools were pointed out to me by Hope Leman, who is a Library Technical Specialist at a medical library in Oregon. Thanks, Hope!

Blummy is an organizer for your bookmarklets, customized easily, quickly, and precisely for your needs. The result is that you get a ton of convenient, time-saving features that only take up one button's worth of real estate in your browser's toolbar.

Ever post a comment on a blog, then forget to go back and check the post to see how the conversation continued? Co.mments makes this easy. You can even set up an RSS feed to be updated when new comments are posted.

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Hope said...

Hi, all. Well, I learned about Blummy from the Web 2.0 maven Marshall Kirkpatrick. He is the man of Web 2.0 tools:

And David is an incredibly skillful and knowledgable person. He is a fountain of knowledge and has been a huge help in my efforts to create a page full of email alert links to the tables of contents of medical jorunals. Thanks, guy!!