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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Which aggregator to use? (Ask David)

Steve writes:

"Hi David - When I was sitting at your desk, I noticed that you accessed an webfeed aggregator. My guess is you have reasons why you were using that one. Which is it, and how do I get it/to it?"

I use a few different aggregators (note the links on the sidebar of this blog under Syndication that make it convenient for people to subscribe using one of the many options available).

I'm going to assume that you want me to recommend FREE aggregators only. There are some awesome features available in some really fancy-schmancy aggregators, but the vast majority of us don't need those features.

If you want to only use your aggregator at home, I'd recommend installing Abilon.
Easy to set up, easy to use. Free. You can also save or load reading lists in OPML format.

If you want an online aggregator you can use from any computer, there are three options I like and use in varying degrees.

(The google tools require a google account. Let me know if you don't have one and I'll send you an invitation).

Which is best for you? Depends on how you plan to use your aggregator. What'd you have in mind?

Got other questions? Need any clarifications? Got follow-ups?
Send 'em!

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