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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Smelly French People in Museo del Prado

It is weird about nations and cultures that they can master some complex things and be utterly helpless in others. For instance, the British are gods of Law and Literature, but can't master cooking or dentistry.

I actually like a hell of a lot about the French, but I can't figure out why they still don't believe in daily bathing.

True story: Liz and I walk into a room at Madrid's most famous art museum, Museo del Prado, and my nose twitches. The smell of body odor is strong, and I jokingly tell Liz that there must be French people nearby. We turn the next corner, and run into a group of people discussing a painting in French. And while they occupy only one part of the room, the whole room stinks.

People of France, I implore you: please bathe daily when you travel to other nations. A man is entitled to reek in the privacy of his own home or nation, but to do so in someone else's is just bad manners.

Although it was early in the season, there sure were a lot of tourists. Mostly British, French, American, and German, with a healthy smattering of Japanese. Every time we heard German being spoken, Liz whispered "Whatever you do....DON'T MENTION THE WAR...!" a la Fawlty Towers (Video here).

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