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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Search Engine Update: exalead, clustered results, Google Health

(Left: Search refinements from exalead)

Well, it is new to me. I don't have any strong views on this engine yet, but you have to love the potential of the way it lets you refine your search after you try your initial term.

Say I search for "Stevie Wonder"- exalead offers me the a number of ways to refinine my search (see screen capture on left).

These search refinement tools are intuitive and easy to use. Betcha' Google starts to roll out stuff like this in the next year or so. Also, expect Google to start offering clustered saerch results like Clusty and Vivisimo.

And speaking of refining searches, it looks like Google Health is up and running, and incorporated into regular Google. Here's what happens when I search for "Ulcerative Colitis":

More on Google Health in future posts.

More posts on search engines in future posts, too.

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limnerance said...

Come on David, that wasn't funny. You can't just be don't think people actually want to be informed, do you??