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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Public Sculpture and Your Dog

There is a LOT of sculpture in Barcelona. It is filled with public spaces, squares, plazas, and parks, and all contain sculpture.

Some of it is representational. This, for instance, is a monument to Christopher Colombus (Cristóbal Colón, the explorer- not the film-maker) at the southern end of La Rambla in Barcelona.

Other sculpture is less representational....or just...bad.

Here's a peice by Joan Miro (whose work I usually really, really like), also in Barcelona.

Despite all this existing sculture, Barcelona continues to encourage more. This sign for instance, seen in Antoni Gaudi's Park Güell without any textual elaboration, seems to say: Should your dog manage to create notable sculpture, be sure to point it out to passers-by for their enjoyment, and so they can nominate your dog to receive public funding for his future works.

The dog, however, must have a Catalan name. It seems that it is virtually impossible to get public funding for ANY endeavor in Catalunya that uses Castellano (a.k.a. "Spanish").

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