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Friday, May 12, 2006

Loituma! (Translation=Earworm?)

This stuff gets stuck in my head!


Original Studio Recording
Remix 1
Remix 2

Something way cool:
  • I heard this on Rocketboom.
  • Rocketboom linked to a Loituma page on NoSide records
  • Drew Miller (of the bands Boiled In Lead & Felonious Bosch & the Omnium record label), used to work at NorthSide
  • Noting that a group on Northside was getting exposure via Rocketboom, I called Drew (I've known him for a few years and like him tremendously) to make sure he knew. I had the rare pleasure of telling Drew something about media that he didn't know.
  • Drew was excited, because it looks like Loituma is sort of blowing up on the web
I heart the internet.

1 comment:

Sean said...

Ragout of Ear Worm with Black Truffle Butter on a bed of....