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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Flight to Spain - Santiago

The best thing about our flight from Philadelphia to Madrid was that we sat near an 8-year-old named Santiago and his father. Santiago's dad is from Spain, but Santiago is growing up in Washington DC. As a result, Santiago, an extremely bright and friendly kid, speaks and reads both English and Spanish beautifully. He helped me with my Spanish vocabulary questions during the flight and discussed with me the complex history of Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.

Santiago had never flown on an airplane before, so he had some questions about the safety information presented as our flight began. I showed him the safety information card in the seat pocket in front of him, and together we made fun of it.

In this picture, we decided, Al Gore, OJ Simpson, and Hilary Clinton are seen calmly treading water while hugging the seat cusions that also serve as floatation devices. We weren't sure why these three public figures were chosen for the illustration

This image illustrates the airline's plan, in the unlikely event of a "water landing", to cover the passengers in Quick-Dry concrete before setting off in their raft. Either that, or that life rafts would be used to preserve statues from the cargo hold instead of passengers.

This was our favorite. The airline makes it clear that peices of licorice are attached to floatation vests for mid-atlantic snacking.

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