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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cordoba: Jewish Quarter (Juderia)

We did, while in Cordoba, visit Cordoba's Jewish Quarter.

Statue of Maimonides

On a nearby wall in the same tiny courtyard as the statue is this ceramic marker


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Anonymous said...

I especially liked the Green Jews on the menu. My older kid, while in college, went backpacking in Europe one summer, with another Jewish girl. Their clever plan was to go to Friday night Shabbat services (a multicultural experience they looked forward to), and hope to be invited to Shabbat dinner by a congregant family. It worked, deliciously, in Provence and Florence. In Cordoba (or one of the nearby communities), they were amazed to find no Jewish community left, no synagogue, no nothing, except for the history. It hit them how long lasting the Inquisition’s influence has been.