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Saturday, May 27, 2006

1st Class Travel by RENFE Train. TrenHotel = Train + Hotel

We took the TrenHotel from Sevilla to Barcelona. Since we had, technically, a 1st class ticket, we were allowed to wait in the 1st class lounge in the Sevilla RENFE train station, Santa Justa.

Santa Justa is a nice station, actually. Air conditioned, lots of seating, decent cafes. The Lounge, however, was SWANKY. Tucked away discretely in one corner, it was quiet and filled with business travellers in suits and ties. It had Wi-Fi, comfy seating and large, flat screen televisions tuned to state-run Spanish news. It had sodas, water, beer, good coffee, tins of olives, was enough to make me want to travel 1st class more often. We were clearly the only tourists there.

On the overnight TrenHotel, we had our own Coche-Cama, a little tiny room with bunk beds and a sink. We went to the restaurant car for a very decent and overpriced meal, then crashed for the majority of the ride to Barcelona.

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